Indian Princesses is different from scouting, sports teams, and many other activities because it is specifically intended to be a parent AND child organization. Our members join the program specifically because father and daughter want to spend more time together.

From a parent’s perspective this program gives you, as a father, the chance to bond with your daughter¬†on many levels. The idea is to “form bonds that last a lifetime” — so that when your children enter the turbulent middle school and high school years you have built a strong relationship and many positive memories. They have also learned how to have fun with their peers, in good ways. And, particularly important for the girls, they have developed a strong sense of accomplishment and self worth, and are able and willing to speak up for themselves.

From a daughter’s perspective there is an opportunity to have a wide circle of friends, to get a sense of identity and belonging that is rare in today’s world of small families. It is like having a dozen sisters and uncles to trust and rely on. The older girls take on leadership roles, helping and teaching the younger ones.

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